Facebook collapses in the target 13 to 19 years because of Instagram

Teenagers, those who decreed the Facebook initial success, now, are deserting him quickly to go on Instagram, another social network, cooler, and usable, that unlike Facebook, is mainly based on the photos.
It says a study, commissioned by the US investment bank Piper Jaffray,
by hand in U.S.A. about 7,200 American students
between autumn 2013 and spring 2014:
adolescents continue to leave Facebook to use Twitter and Instagram (also owned by Facebook – ed) properties.
The use of social network Facebook has collapsed: from 72% to 45% among adolescents aged between 13 years and 19 years.
Therefore only 45% of adolescents using Facebook.
Instagram is the social network that has seen the greatest growth in the use by young people / adolescents / teenagers.
Stable use of: Tumblr
Grows slightly: Pinterest
Also Whisper and Yik Yak, are 2 social networks that are taking away market share to Facebook, because they guarantee more anonymity than Facebook.
It is no accident that Facebook is preparing an app that will allow you to communicate in anonymity.
E ‘also got a new app, created to be the anti-Snapchat: Slingshot, it is the app Alternatively, messages disposable.



Tablet sales? Declining growth estimates by + 12.1% to + 6.5% in 2014

According to data from a study by IDC
sales at the end of 2014 will be of + 6.5% compared to 2013.

Mature markets are not growing as expected.

The tablet market slows global growth of 6.5% to 233.1 million units for the current year, 2014,
according to IDC forecasts:
– Growth in emerging countries
– Collapse in mature markets

Low estimate, compared to the previous estimate of 12.1%.

In U.S.A. and in Western Europe, sales will remain the same as those of 2013,
while in other markets will record a + 12%.

A tow the low prices of tablet under 8 inches.
But also the use of the tablet used as phones, in developing countries.
Users, according to analysts, are looking for one device for telephone calls and for the use of the media, preferring the tablet compared to normal and common smartphone.
This type of tablet, accounted for a quarter of sales in the second quarter,
with growth of 60% in Asia Pacific.

The average selling price will stabilize at $ 373 in the mature markets.
There will be a shift to larger screens and you will use a 3G and 4G.

While the average price list will fall by 10% to $ 302, the rest of the world.


eBay and PayPal are divided into two independent companies

EBay and PayPal (eBay company for online payments – Ed) will be two independent companies since the year 2015.
Approved the “spin off” of PayPal in 2015.

But why eBay is separated from PayPal?

According to some theories, this decision is linked to the two main players:
– Apple
– Alibaba

Apple has just launched its own payment system ApplePay
and Alibaba was listed on the stock exchange.

For over 10 years, eBay and PayPal have been joined two companies, and have reaped the benefits of being together.



Amazon ready to open its first store “physical” in New York. A “Amazon Point”.

Not only online sales, but also sales direct to customers that will come from their store
Amazon, in New York, at the address: 7 West 34th Street, near the Empire State Building.

So even Amazon has understood that the only “virtual” is no longer enough to do e-commerce online, and it is necessary also the traditional store.

Initially the Amazon store in New York, will be a warehouse and will contain a limited number of products, ready for delivery on the same day for the city of New York will be an “Amazon Point” as many “physical” shops that serve as support for e-commerce sites is to collect their purchases, and to change them if not satisfied either.

The news was given by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal).
Open the Amazon stores, corresponds to do marketing on Amazon brand.

If the first Amazon store, in New York, will be successful, other cities will host the “Amazon Point”.



Google goes to India and preparing the anti-WhatsApp, while Yahoo! buys MessageMe

According to some “rumors” of the past few days, reported by Economic Times:
Google would be working to create a new app for the exchange of messages (for smartphones phones – ed) and challenge WhatsApp.
Google, in early 2014, offered 10 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp,
but the offer of Fecebook (19 billion dollars) it meets the demands of WhatsApp,
and thus Fecebook bought WhatsApp, the app on the phone messages.
Google, remained “dry mouth”, he created a series of services in “WhatsApp style”:
Hangouts app to send and receive messages, photos, and more, and make video calls and free voice.
In 2015 it is expected the anti-WhatsApp launch by Google, in India and other emerging countries.
It will be the “Google Messenger”?
India (815 million mobile users), it is, after China, the world’s second largest market for mobile phones.
And Yahoo?
It recently purchased MessageMe
Also this app a message, that in just two months has collected 5 million users.
The startup MessageMe, analysts should have a value of about 12 million.
And more and Yahoo a few months ago, in May 2014, he bought Blink, other rival Snapchat app (the app with messages, photos, videos that will self-destroy / delete, after a few seconds – ed).
So all that is chat mobile (for smartphones phones – ed) is the object of desire by the current big players: Google, Facebook, Yahoo !.

Google Logo 2010WhatsApp-WAYahooMessage-Me


LinkedIn bows to China and Twitter sues US government

2 of the “Social Network” most used in the world, with 2 different mindset:

– LinkedIn come to terms with the Chinese government and censor users’ accounts, in order to be present in the Chinese market (report in the NYT (New York Times))

– Twitter instead sues the US government because it violates the First Amendment and prevents to inform users of requests for information by the N.S.A. (National Security Agency).

While Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook: all’N.S.A provide information. (National Security Agency), without saying anything to their users!

So, summing up, we take stock of the situation:
– LinkedIn thinking about money and bends to China, censoring what the Chinese government wants, in order to enter the Chinese market.
– Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook: do dell’N.S.A game. (National Security Agency), without informing its users!

And finally the (social networks) brave Twitter, will even sue the US government with a complaint filed in federal court in California!

I do not think in terms of freedom of expression, we “Westerners” are so different from China.
Social Media, are less and less “social” and more “average.”

A Good Connoisseur …



1 Dollar U.S.A. ($) Worth 38.03 rubles. negative record for the currency of Russia

Russian agencies reported that the dollar ($) U.S.A. exceeded for the first time in its history the 38.03 Russian rubles, with 1 dollar U.S.A. ($) You have: 38.03 Russian rubles at current exchange value.

The situation in Ukraine and sanctions passed to Russia in addition to the new incoming Western sanctions have led to the negative record for the ruble against the dollar.

Export to Russia, with these values, it becomes increasingly difficult,
for our made in Italy, has always been appreciated in Russia, and not only by the Russians.


YouTube does not earn money to Google (which bought YouTube)

Despite YouTube have 1 billion monthly users, these users are not able to earn money to the company.
It is a substantial balance between income and expenses.
And Google? Obviously it is not satisfied with their investment / acquisition.
According to a research carried out by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal – ed)
YouTube does not generate gains / profits for Google (which bought YouTube).
The YouTube’s revenues in 2014 amounted to 4 billion dollars.
These revenues must be added the costs and reach more or less in balance.
While in 2013, YouTube, generated revenues of 3 billion dollars.
The increase of 1 billion dollars, the revenues of 2014 was generated thanks
to greater collection for online advertising on YouTube.
The basic problem is that they weigh the costs of two items:
– Content (YouTube pays video editors, to have quality content on its network)
– The technology infrastructure (for 1 billion active users per month, the cost for hosting / server and engineers is very high)
But what is the real YouTube problem?
The answer is: the target
That is, the YouTube audience is made up of teens and tweens, “penniless”
without an income and purchasing power.
But these teens and tweens, “penniless” YouTube video of what you think you look?
Simply, they think of Youtube like it’s “their portable hard drive”:
an archive made of videos to watch and then move on to other sites that publish video.
bankruptcy business for YouTube?
Maybe yes, maybe not, for sure who manages the YouTube marketing, will have no easy days to live,
with Google that “press” to get profits from their investment / acquisition (YouTube – ed)
And what would then be the goal (or hope – ed) Google?
Compare YouTube to TV (television – ed), in Access, but the TV is immediate mode, while for YouTube, like any other web site, you need some time to load the platform (or through a PC (personal computer – editor’s note) or via a notebook (laptop – ed) or via a tablet, or via a mobile smartphone).
And at what targets would be addressed?
entertainment channels, mainly.
In 2012, YouTube (or better: Google is what you pay for YouTube), paid to the producers of video content, hundreds of millions of dollars to generate quality video content in an effort to create quasi-TV channels, without obtaining the desired results.
“Google (owner) YouTube, launched more than 100 thematic video channels”
Google paying for content?
The old Google motto was “content is king.” In fact it was because since 2012, Google pays to generate content.
But the contents are not artificially generated against Google’s guidelines?
So, with YouTube, Google goes against their own “rules and principles.”
But we know that the rules are always valid for others and never for ourselves, dear Google “takes all.”
YouTube-Google strategy to increase revenues?
To get a YouTube-quality programming, and have more users “in target”, in January 2015, Google signed an agreement with the US National Football League, to see
the Highligths (short video clips – ed) of the matches, on YouTube.
Whereas previously, in November 2014, YouTube announced a music subscription service, in “iTunes” from the name “Music Key” style, where there will be a database with available Millions of songs and videos, without the much-hated publicity.
The monthly music subscription cost should be of 7.99 Dollars / Euros (we await confirmation from Google & co )



City Rank Facebook: 25 million in January 2015

Here are the official numbers on the use of Facebook for Italy: 21 million Italians use Facebook from Mobile (mobile: Smartphone and Tablet – ed). Rome, Milan and Naples the first three cities.

Therefore, in order of use are the following regions in Italy:

– New York, Rome and province: 2,800,000 Facebook users
– Lombardy, Milan and province: 2,200,000 Facebook users
– Campania, with Naples and its province: 1,120,000 Facebook users
– Piedmont, with Turin and its province: 640,000 Facebook users
– Sicily, Palermo and province: 500,000 Facebook users
– Emilia-Romagna, Bologna and province: 400,000 Facebook users
– Tuscany, Florence Area: 380,000 Facebook users
– Liguria, Genoa and province: 320,000 Facebook users
– Apulia, Bari and province: 280,000 Facebook users
– Veneto, Venice and province: 140,000 Facebook users
– Umbria, Perugia and province: 124,000 Facebook users
– Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trieste and province: 108,000 Facebook users
– Trentino-Alto Adige with Trento and province: 100,000 Facebook users


Facebook Users composition for Sex:

52% Men
47% Women
1% Not Classified

Facebook Users breakdown by age:

– 21.7% are aged between 36 and 45 years
– 17.4% are aged between 19 and 24 years
– 15.2% are aged between 46 and 55 years
– 13.8% are aged between 30 and 35 years
– 12.3% are aged between 25 and 29 years
– 10.1% have an age equal and / or greater than 56 years
– 9.4% aged between 13 and 18 years

Use Daily Facebook Users:

– 20 million Italians in total
of which: 16 million just from Mobile (mobile: Smartphone and Tablet – ed).

Use Monthly Users Facebook:

– 25 million Italians in total
of which: 21 million just from Mobile (mobile: Smartphone and Tablet – ed).


Instagram, estimated revenues of 700 million dollars for 2015

According to Facebook’s statements, relating to January 2015,
the Instagram users have shared more than 70 million photos and videos every day.

Forecast of Instagram turnover by the end of 2015

Instagram, the social network for sharing photos and videos, acquired by Facebook in 2012, expects revenues of 700 million dollars by the end of 2015.

Instagram in 2020, the possible scenarios according to analysts

The most optimistic projections, of Cowen & Co. analysts estimate revenues in 2020 to 5.8 billion dollars.

Number of Instagram users

Also according to “experts” (or assumed – ed) the Instagram users will double:
from the current 300 million to 680 million within 5 years.

also arrive the larger advertisers who invest in online advertising on Instagram

Well, what with all this optimism?
Who will live. see!

What is Instagram?

The value (again according to “analysts”) estimated Instagram would be of 33 billion dollars
– Twitter, worth 30 Billion dollars
– Snapchat, worth 19 billion dollars

The history of Instagram. From Start Up to World Social Network

Instagram was born in 2010, as a start-up, initially was an app for photos for mobile (smartphone and / or tablet – editor’s note), and then get on the web with new features (share short video – editor’s note), and aim to ” general public “throughout the world.

Facebook in 2012, Instagram bought for 741 million dollars and started to monetize social networks using advertising space.